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Herpes Simplex

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Question: Can the herpes simplex virus be spread when there is not an outbreak? My boyfriend gets cold sores but only occasionally. Can he pass them to me even if he does not have one at the time? In other words, is the herpes simplex virus contagious if there is not outbreak of cold sores? Thanks!

Answer: My boyfriend would always get cold sores on his lips and i never knew they were herpes i was only 16 and very naive. The first and only time that he performed oral sex, I got genital herpes and he didn't even have an outbreak!! I then later found out that herpes can be spread with or without any signs or symptoms. Since then I have also developed herpes simplex keratitis (herpes inside my eye) and will one day need a cornea transplant. Its a very scary virus that will stay with you for your entire life, there is no cure and even with the medication I still get horrible painful outbreaks. Good luck and i really hope your boyfriend is taking precautions.

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