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Weils Disease

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Question: After getting rid of rats in the shed how can I clean it to make sure any traces of Weil's disease have gone? Rats have been breeding in the kids playhouse. I've just cleared everything out plus all the droppings, but am afraid to let the kids play in there in case of Weil's disease. Is there a product I can use to clean it which will get rid of all bacteria and potential infections? I don't think normal disinfectant will do the job. Any help will be greatly appreciated - thankyou.

Answer: Isopropyl alcohol will do the trick. Bleach is fine, but damages the surfaces that are sensitive to it. Rubbing alcohol does not stain, bleach, or damage most surfaces. Just remember, it is very flammable, and needs to evaporate before anyone uses the playhouse. There is no leftover residue after it evaporates. Good luck, and set up a fan to help it evaporate. Good luck.

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