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AIDS Related Lymphomas

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Question: aids related lymphoma cancer? Is there a chance that my brother could survive aids related lymphoma cancer. He just started CHOP chemo last week. Has anyone gone through this? He has a very bad limp and leg pain in the right leg and foot.

Answer: I’m so sorry you and your brother are going through this. A lot depends on if he has full-blown AIDS or only HIV. As I’m sure you know there is no cure for either, but we can manage HIV. There are many people who have HIV/AIDS associated lymphoma unfortunately it is fairly common. I’m sorry to say the median survival is approximately 5 to 8 months, 10 to 20% survive disease-free for longer than 2 years but long-term survival is rare. These patients require specialized care over and above patients with lymphoma only. Your brother should be treated at a teaching facility where they are likely to have more experience in these cases. Best wishes to you both.

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