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Ovarian Insufficiency

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Question: my fsh is 30. i am ovulating. do i have premature ovarian failure? I went to a fertiliy specialist last month. After testing my fsh level was a 30. My doc has diagnosised me with premature ovarian insufficiency. i am taking the test again next week. i had a blood test this past week and i did ovulate. i have no other symptoms. does this mean that i have premature ovarian failure or can the fsh number be lowered?

Answer: The FSH number cannot be lowered, unfortunately. As you get closer to ovarian insufficiency (or being infertile), the number get higher. Any number under 12 is decent. Thirteen-Fifteen is considered borderline. Over fifteen and most fertility doctors and clinics won't consider fertility treatment, unless you agree to egg donation. You can have a high FSH and still ovulate, it's just that the body has to work much harder to ovulate and the quality of the eggs may be very poor, making it unlikely that any pregnancy using those poor quality eggs would be viable.

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