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Question: Is there no way for me to get pregnant even if my cervicitis is cured already? Two weeks ago I was diagnosed of having cervicitis. My doctor prescribed antibiotics and some pain killers and paracetamol because I was having fever and pain due to the infection. I heard from my friends that cervicitis can cause infertility. I am married for 5 months now and still has not gotten any luck with getting pregnant. Is it possible no to get pregnant anymore even if my cervicitis is cured already?

Answer: Getting the infection cleared is a must if pregnancy is to transpire, as the presence of an infection in the cervix does have possible detrimental effects on the baby you are about to carry. However, infection clearance is but the first step because the extent of the infection and its after-effects is another thing that needs to be determined to know whether you are still capable of bearing a child, i.e. fertile. While it is possible that cervicitis, or cervical inflammation in general, can cause infertility, there is also a possibility that a patient clearing cervical infection would still be able to conceive a child; such depend on the extent of the previous infection and how grave the disease was. In essence, larger cervical damage has a higher risk of causing infertility to women. I assume that the antibiotic regime you have undergone has cleared you of your infection, so at least that is out of your back already. And now, after about 5 months, you were saying that you have not gotten pregnant. I won't lie to you that cervicitis, or any other disease that involves the cervix, has the capacity to render women infertile; but this is but one possibility, in fact a probability, that can happen because all along you are fertile enough to bear a child...perhaps time is the only factor that needs to be put in. I suggest you seek professional help from an ob-gyne to discuss this matter. If I'm not mistaken, an oocyte count can be performed to determine whether you have "viable" egg cells in your body--this is much like the sperm count to determine sperm viability in males. Your husband could even get a sperm count as well to determine cellular viability between the two of you. Remember not to lose hope as it is still too early to conclude that you are infertile because of a certain disease. Even if people say that 99% of patients who had cervicitis become infertile (not actually the case but just to make a point), sometimes that remaining 1% is enough to make things turn around. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best in you and your family's future.

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