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Question: Infertility???? My husband and i have been trying to conceive for a pretty long time now and i was wondering if they have any type of insurance for just infertlity..I live in New Mexico... Any help would be greatly appreciated... I would also like to know whether discounts would be better than regular health insurance see i have both insurance and this dicsounts thing for dental, health, infertility, vision( you get cards and all) though they don't call themselves an insurance place??? Anybody have discount instead of insurance and is it better

Answer: I am not aware of any such insurance. Alot of traditional major medical plans have exclusions for fertility treatments. You might look into a mini-med/indemnity plan/modified health plan where they pay preset amounts for certain medical costs. They will not provide a lot of benefits but you will at least have some coverage. Discount cards do not typically provide as much coverage as major medical plans. IN every case I have seen traditional insurance coverage is better. Just make sure you read the plan document and view the exclusions before purchasing coverage.

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