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Benign Cervical Lesions

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Question: I need a medical expert to tell me what is wrong but no one knows..can you make since of it? I had a lump in left armpit and had a biopsy done. the finding were ectopic breast tissue. Now I have a new lump. Only the lymph nodes on my left armpit have been swollen. No others! My history is as follows:*pectus excavatum*Endometriosis, PID or just cysts (ive gotten all those answers)*Weird spot on my left breats that came back inconclusive*Acid Reflux*Depression*Frequent UTIs*Frequent URI*Anemia*Tinea versicolor Mom*Anemia*Cervical cancer in her late 20s*non-hodgkins lymphoma in mid 40s Dad*Keratosis Grandpa on my moms side*small cell carcinoma And I am still waiting for my other grandparents to call back I gathereed all the papers I could find from visiting my dr. 4/8/08- chest xray. FINDINGS:There is a ill-defined increased opacity in the right perihilar/infrahilar region suspicious for infiltrate within the right middle lobe. The lungs are otherwise clear though slightly hyperinflated. No evidence for plueral effusion. Heart size, peripheral vasculature and mediastinum are normal. IMPRESSION: Abnormal chest suspicious for right middle lobe infiltrate/pneumonia. LAB WORK: ldl cholesterol calc was high. t3 uptake was low 4/11/08-ultrasound. FINDINGS: directed ultrasonography in the area of palpable abnormality in the lateral aspect of the left breast and axilla was performed. there are two well circumscribed nearly anechoic masses with central areas of increased echogenicity which exhibit blood flow consistent with small axillary lymph nodes, one measuring nearly 8mm and the other measuring 6mm. in the lateral aspect of the left breast in the subcutaneous tissue, theres is a third lesion measuring app. 9mm in length X 2mm AP X 6mm transverse with similar appearance of small lymph node. IMPRESSION: 1.Areas of palpable abnormality in the left breast correspond to masses consistent with lymph nodes. 2. bi-rads 2. benign finding. 4/17/18-addended report-ct chest with contrast. FINDINGS: there is a thorax deformity consistent with a pectus excavatum and a significant angulation of the sternum manubrium. the cardiac silhoutte is rotated and midly compressed into the left thorax. in the right middle lobe region there is an area of consolidation within the medial segment with stranding of density extending to the pleural surface. there is a curvilinear area of density extending to the pleural surface in the posterior surlcus on the left consistent with scarring. there are small lymph nodes noted in the axillary regions bilaterally. they have fatty central hilar regions and are not pathologically enlarged. the breast tissue is very dencse with no discrete abnormalty seen. no mediastinal or hilar adenopathy seen. 10/24/08-went to dr. he said axillary lymphodemopathy 11/2/08-URI/Cough-zpac, tussinex 11/3/08- cough, shortness of breath, axillary lymphodemopathy. TB skin test NEG 11/7/08- chronic cough, axillary lymphodemaopathy-drink lots of fluid 12/02/08-ottis media, lymphadenopathy left axilla..rocephin, amoxicillin, tylenol LAB: seg-high, lymph-low , absolute neut-high 12/16/08-biopsy, ectopic breast tissue 5/22/09-low back pain, sciatica, ultram, muscle relaxers Urinalysis: urobilinogen 1.0 5/23/09-viral illness, tussinex. Urinalysi: bilirubin-moderate, ket-40mg/dL, Proteins-30mg/dL Strep: Neg 5/26/09-lymphadenopathy, bronchospasm, URI Urinalysis: epithelial cells-mod, wbc-mod, rbc-tntc, bacteria-light, mucus-heavy, amorphous-light, casts-granular 0-2, bilirubin-moderate, ket-trace, blo-large (menus), pro - 100mg/d.MONO-Neg CHEST XRAY: cardiomegaly borderline ABDOMEN: normal BLOOD WORK: all normal If anyone has any ideas of whats going on please let me know! I am loosing weight, cough, eyesight issues, and abdominal pain. I go thursday to a dr to see if they will biopsy the new lump.

Answer: I don't have answers for you. I just wanted to say God bless you.

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