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Ovarian Cysts

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Question: ovarian cysts? I have been having pain in my lower abdomen about a week after i have my period. I feel a fullness and it lasts about 2-3 days. I have a history of ovarian cysts...but not the bad kind. I understand that the pain could be coming from ovulation. my question is, do ovarian cysts make getting pregnant more difficult?

Answer: I also have the same thing. Pain. Have had it for some times now. When my Doctor 1st told me, I was very upset. I just had my 1st son. My husband and I wanted more children. Doctor told me, yes sometimes it can be hard to get pregnant. I cryed. Next month came and went. No period. Not even thinking I might be. Went to the Doctor... yes I was..... She was a blessing.. I have my tubes tied now . So I think no matter what the doctors say. Yes you can still get pregnant.

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