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Gynecologic Pain

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Question: Pain at first pelvic exam? I just had an appointment for my first gynecologic exam. My mom made this appointment but I didn't feel sick at all, and you just had some vaccinations for school and a physical for sports. It was not like other doctor exams, all he wanted to look at was between my legs. I had to take all my clothes off and lie on a kind of gurney. Then I had to open my legs and the nurse put them real high in straps. When the dr came in he said he needed to take a pap smear and he put this thing inside me which hurt so much I screamed and tried to close my legs but the nurse said relax you need this exam and they would nottake my legs down. I hated this exam and it made me bleed. Why do I need this if I am not sick?

Answer: Sweetheart how old are you, and are you sexually active and where do you live? Women do not need to have an internal exam until they are 18 OR after their first sexually contact. I am so sorry you were treated this way. It simply isn't done that way. You should have been advised and told what was happening. You should have had a chat with the doctor before the exam. How horrible for you. Take it from me, none of us like this exam, but with the right doctor, it isn't as bad as it seems. Your mother probably wanted to help you, but went about it all wrong. They next time you go for that exam, make sure the doctor uses a smaller speculum and uses a lubricant. These can help it at least not feel like it is ripping you apart. It is true you need to relax, but my gosh, not knowing what is going on, is worse than the exam. Tell you mother you want a female gyno, no more men. You need to have the exam to check for std's, cervical cancer and many other things we girls get. Keep in mind this is what we go through every year, and hopefully, the next time, you won't be treated so poorly, and the shock will have worn off. I am sorry you went through that, and your nurse and the doctor are horribly NOT compassionate enough for their jobs.

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