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Uterine Rupture In Pregnancy

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Question: baby#2, previous c-section - IM WORRIED THAT ILL HAVE A UTERINE RUPTURE DURING MY PREGNANCY? Well i was alright until i heard you can have a uterine rupture DURING pregnancy, not only when during your pushing your baby out! i did some research & it said that it can also happen during pregnancy? :l i had a c-section 3years ago, what if this happens with baby#2 during my 9months? im really scared & worried now & concerned

Answer: I've had 3 C-sections and the doctor that delivered my last 2 only told me about the risk of rupture during labor. The risk during labor having had one previous C-section is like less than 1%. That's why women are allowed to try V-BAC after only one C-section if all else is normal with the pregnancy. I'm sure you can talk to your doctor about your concerns and they will be able to ease your fears much better than strangers on the internet. I would think that the risk is so low for a rupture to happen that it should not be something that you stress about for the next few months. The stress alone could cause more problems that you would not normally have had. Just relax and enjoy this time. If it will be awhile until your next doctor's appointment, give them a call tomorrow and just ask for a call back to talk about your concerns. Good luck and congrats!

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