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Endometrial Carcinoma

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Question: What are the treatment outcomes for papillary serous carcinoma endometrial? Try to give information in lay terms, not for professionals.

Answer: From what I have found. The 5 year survivability rates are 36% for all stages. What staging means is that as the cancer grows it's cells change. This change can be seen through a microscope and this is where a pathologist gives it a stage. A stage tells you how are along the growth has taken place. It is a poor indicator of severity for treatment of medical condition. A TMN (Tumor, Malignancy, Lymph node) grading scale is better for virtually all kinds of cancer. The information I have found states that there is a 36% chance you will live for another 5 years despite how far along the cancer cells have matured. This source is not a definitive or recognized medical text and should not be the main source of your information, but it's the best I could find. A better source talks about adjuvant therapy: "however, a review of the literature indicates that radiotherapy results in a 55% survival rate of only 55%, with follow-up ranging from 3 to 9 months [21-26]." so little more than 1/4 succed. Your doctor will be the best source of information. If you don’t trust his opinion I suggest finding another equally qualified doctor to get a second opinion. Hope this helps.

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