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Relaxed Vaginal Outlet

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Question: A question about the epidural? Okay, I went to my Dr today and my cervix has thinned but not dilated. I am 35 weeks and 2 days. My Dr then told me that I have a "narrow pelvic outlet " which means my baby might not be able to pass to the birth canal and I will have to have a C section. We are gonna try a vaginal delivery but if it doesn't progress we will do the surgery. She told me she will go ahead and give me an epidural when I get into labor just in case. My question is before they give you the epidural do they give you something to help relax you?

Answer: they numb the area first with a regular needle before they put in the epidural, all you really feel is the first needle then some pressure. you will have to lean forward in some way, if you partner is in there with you they can hold you and help relax you more if need be. they usually allow one person to be in there for that.

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