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Corpus Luteum Rupture

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Question: Corpus luteum cyst and pregnancy? Anyone have any experience with corpus luteum cysts during early pregnancy? If so, did yours rupture? What was the pain like? Before it ruptured, was the pain of the cyst intermittant, constant, did it skip for a few days then come back? Any advice or info. is helpful! :)

Answer: I had one during my first trimester. It didn't rupture per say. The nurse told me it dissolves on its own around 10-12 weeks. The pain was worse than cramps. At times it was so bad I couldn't do anything but lay down. The good news is that the pain gets better. Each week was better than the previous. As much as I hated it, the pain sort of relieved some anxiety about my baby. After the pain went away I was a basket case(since I never had morning sickness) I didn't know of my baby was ok. Don't worry if you have it. It's perfectly normal. And the pain is forgotten once you start feeling your baby kick.

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