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Transposition Flaps

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Question: Does anybody have any information about the 4 surgical procedures i,ve just had? I recently had elbow surgery and the following procedures were done! Failed tennis elbow surgery which i had in Aug,that had to be redone with an ancuis flap of skin put over the area.2nd i had radial nerve surgery and ulnar nerve transposition.Can anybody tell me how long i should be off of work and what is the recovery time?I am a workcomp patient that want me back at work 1 month from surgery,my surgeon agreed but with no use of right arm whatsoever!Very hard where i work and my employer is finding very little things for me to do with 1 arm work only.Please anybody help? BTW..........this took 1.5 hrs to type with my left hand

Answer: Sounds about right 1 month off then RTW w restrs of no use for a few wks then gradual use etc for another month..hard to say about full duty..beacuse it depends if you are a manual laborer vs a pencil pusher vs how much is employer willing to work w you

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