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Question: I'm orf to bed in a mo which one of the Swedish twins should i take with me? Rotter does'nt like to play favourites but it been a busy day and i can't handle another threesome tonight, so Helga or Gurtrude? Its not the cheese thats hard Mjet old boy.

Answer: Mayhaps it is a bit late to offer any suggestions at this point. But since you are probably in the throws of recovery this morning, perhaps I can offer a few suggestions. I have found that the morning after a , shall we say, night of endeavor, the best thing is to have you man servant bring a bit of champagne and orange juice to cleanse your pallet and a hearty serving of bangers and eggs to rebuild your energy. Whilst you contemplate the day ahead, you can focus on the tasks that need to be attended to. You know that the driver has not done a very good job as of late polishing the car. You may want to beat him lightly to instill a tad better work ethic in the boy. And then after those tedious chores have been addressed, you can plan for the evening entertainment.

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