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Supernumerary Nipple

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Question: How much would it cost to remove a supernumerary nipple? I'm an 18 year old male and I have a small third nipple below left nipple, including the areola and nipple it's about the size of a mini M&M. I know its like 1 in 16 people have one, but I'm really self conscious about mine to the point where I never take off my shirt. Also who would I see about this? a dermatologist?

Answer: i have one of them under my right one its not to much of a problem just get a tan and get darker it may hide it better it doesn't sound to developed so don't worry about it but if u want to u could get some sort of skin graft cutting out the skin but it would be a big decision it would cost a fair bit tho dermatologist are really expensive

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