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Venous Insufficiency

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Question: What can I do to decrease the pain caused by Venous Insufficiency? My grandpa is having painfull legs because of Venous Insufficiency. I'm looking for some kind of remedy to help him cure from Venous Insufficiency.Please help me out. Thank you. Robin

Answer: taking an NSAID like Indocin or Naproxyn help the inflammed vein. Loose fitting clothing. Taking an anticoagulant (heparin will help from getting clots) elevating the legs above the heart. If you have to put him compression stockings (talk to doctor about this). Keep an eye out for any sores that start on his affected leg. This is more than likely the start of an ulcer that he needs to see a doctor for. Applying warm moist heat to the affected area helps. It opens up the vessel letting the leg drain better too. Get him to lie down to get the legs to drain. Changing positions frequently. Walk frequently but avoid sitting and standing for long time periods.

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