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Laser Revision Of Scars

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Question: Scar revision? I broke my collar bone in half about two months ago because the break wasn't going to heal itself without a plate. I was given the option of removing the plate after the bone is fully healed. There is a pretty big bump where the edge of the plate is, and there is still some discomfort so I think I will get it taken out. I talked to the doctor and he told me that they will cut the old scar out and form a new one where the old one was. My question is: What are some of the best proven ways to make my scar less red, bumpy and visible? This can include any laser scar reduction or creams or strips or anything like that really. How much will laser reduction cost? Sorry about that, I meant I needed surgery because the break wouldn't heal properly.

Answer: I have this cream i use on my stomach because i just got my appendix out and it works amazing and fades quick its called scar zone, its like 10 dollars at the local pharmacy :) good luck .

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