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Erythema Ab Igne

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Question: i've discovered i suffer from Erythema ab igne .? well, i've been exposing my legs with heating from laptop for more than a month. is it much? am i liable to cancer if i stopped the exposure and i'm going to meet a doctor as soon as possible? i've read it can lead to cancer and i'm very afraid. do the spots fade away? i don't care too much if they do or not because it's not very visible, but i'm very afraid of cancer!!

Answer: I dunno I have the same thing on my whole left side from a heater I use at work. I have already went to the doctor and they told me it was "dry skin" turns out its not and it has gotten worse since then. I hope someone else answers the question about the spots, mine are covering my left arm and I wish someone knew how to get rid of it. The doctors dont seem to know a thing so I am pretty much on my own on this one.

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