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Cheilitis Granulomatosa

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Question: Cheilitis granulomatosa ? Cheilitis granulomatosa ? My Aunt has been diagnosed with this... we are trying to connect to other people that have been treated for this and find out what kind of treatments helped or what other options we have... It has destroyed her bone under her teeth, she has severe lip and cheek swelling...She lives in a small town where doctors don't seem to have a clue to what the next step to take would or even to ease her pain. please do not leave websites as an answer... I have a computer-don't you think I have looked at the websites?? Please victims of this or Doctors experienced in treating this please.

Answer: Your aunt needs to see a gastroenterologist, an immunologist and an oral medicine specialist. It is a pretty rare disease, but maybe one of these doctors might be able to hook you up with appropriate support. Good luck.

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