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Candidiasis Cutaneous

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Question: Has anyone had a severe yeast infection before? Like, with a bad rash and lesions/sores? Specifically called "cutaneous candidiasis"? I've already had one, and it was HORRIBLE. It lasted for about 2 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced it and how bad theirs was

Answer: I've had odd thigs happen to my vagina all the time. Have you shaved recently down there? Sometimes that can be a cause of things. I've been checked constantly for infections and I've had: Rashes Lesions/Sores Aches Irritation Bumps Even Pimples It depends on how long you have yours though. If it's been like...three weeks and it hasn't gone away, that is a bad sign. My advice is to wait for a few more weeks and see if it goes away. If it worsesn then obviously see a doctor. God bless my sweet.

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