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Question: albinism??? i have to answer thes questions about albinism. i need reliable sorces ( so can you please list the websites used) i have to answer these about albinism. 1) Describe the difference between genetic disorders and infectious diseases 2) Discuss how albinism got it's name 3) Describe how people get this disorder and identify the chromosome it is located on. 4) Describe the population this disorder affects 5) How and when is this disorder usually diagnosed? 6) What are the symotoms of Albinism? Describe how these symptoms may change 7) Describe current treatments for Albinism 8) Is Albinism curable? 9) Are there any new discoveries related to this disorder? 10) What are some interesting facts or statistics about albinism? yup. i'm taking bio

Answer: I'm gonna guess you're a freshman in high school and studying about DNA? :D It's reliable.

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