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Urticaria Pressure

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Question: How to treat Pressure Urticaria at home? This morning I found a small red painfull bump behind my right shoulder. My mother said it was a pimple so I paid no attention to it. UNTIL 3 more smaller pinkish red bumps appeared, but these bumps weren't painful, they were itchy and in a red patch. (not big at all) So I searched bumps like these and came to Pressure Urticara. Basically hives caused by pressure. Which makes a lot of since b/c last night my arm was aching so i laid it down on something hard to give it pressure and fell asleep then I woke up this morning w/ the bump. My arm also aches which is a symptom of a Pressure Urticaria. Is there an ointment for these type of hives? An at home treatment. I allready took a cool shower and I'm wearing loose clothing. I'm also trying not to itch my 3 bumps AT ALL. Anything else that would help? Before I have to go the doctors office?

Answer: Here are some useful links for you:……… Signs and symptoms of delayed PU, which is by far the more common presentation of the disease, initially appear 30 minutes to 6 hours after a pressure stimulus. Lesions peak at 6 hours and they remain for 8 hours to 3 days. The less common form, immediate PU, develops within minutes of the pressure stimulus and can be confused with dermatographism. It seems that there isn't really a miracle ointment for pressure urticaria. You could take antihistamine, it might releve your symptoms even a little, altough histamine is not likely to be the sole mediator in PU. On the links above you'll find much more about medication and pressure urticaria. You did right thing to wear loose clothing. I think you should go to the doctors office. Hope you feel better soon!

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