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Cutaneous Horn

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Question: my cat has cutaneous horns on two of his (back) toes. are they contagious to humans? my kitty (1 year old, male, neutered, not declawed, indoor) just developed cutaneous horns on two of his back toes yesterday. what would have caused this? he has had no contact with any other cats (or other animals) and only goes outside on a leash. are cutaneous horns contagious to either other cats or to humans (my husband is afraid to touch him)? is there a way to get rid of them (by a vet, not myself)? thanks for your help. he was just at his vet today for an unrelated reason and she saw and confirmed they are cutaneous horns but didn't offer any further info and i forgot to ask before i left but she didn't seem concerned for him about them, more just surprised i knew what they were.

Answer: they are not contagious, and they are caused by retained dead skin cells over an underlying growth. take your cat to the vet

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