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Behcet Disease

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Question: Can any doctor or health professions inform me if Aphthous ulcer is a synonym for Behcet disease? I mean if they are same? I know I have Aphthous ulcer but now I am suffering from ulcer in my eye at cornea. It is appeared time to time. I am afraid I have Behcet disease?

Answer: Aphthous ulcers in the mouth are relatively common and many people get them from time to time. Alone, they are not diagnostic of Behçet's disease. Anal and genital ulcers and other forms of vasculitis are seen with Behçet's disease. Uveitis is seen with it, but I do not know about corneal ulcers. My guess would be that it is not associated with it, because the cornea is not a vascular structure. But I am no expert. There is a decent review in Wikipedia.

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