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Plantar Fibromatosis

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Question: Any one suffering from plantar fibromatosis? or having a painful lump in the sole of your feet. Need advice and remedies.

Answer: Yes, I do. I have had this connective tissue disease for many years. I have painful nodules on the soles of both feet, which were preceded by a frozen right shoulder. I also have a "knuckle pad" on my left ring finger. These are all "related diseases" to P.F. At this point there is basically no successful treatment. I would caution you not to try surgery unless you absolutely can not walk. In a few years there is a possible enzyme injection which looks promising but must undergo FDA approval. P.F. is often hereditary. My dad has it in his hand (known as Dupuytren's contracture) which is why I have P.F. There is also a very expensive and somewhat successful treatment in a topical 15% veprimal gel, but this should only be purchased with your doctors prescription by one place in Texas, called PD Labs. Beware of counterfeits online- check with your doc about this. Yahoo has a group on this which you can join using the link from the page I site below. Wishing you the best of luck.

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