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Question: Gynecomastia.............? Well, I have this weird condition called Gynecomastia and I've heard that its common amongst men. I am 21 now and I used to be obese until I lost 100lbs. I started doing weight training and I have muscle and definition in my chest, but I am left with these weird large puffy nipples. Is there any other way other than surgery to correst this? Some type of excersise perhaps? And also are women really repelled by this? Im still really self concious about myself and this just isn't helping one bit...

Answer: Congrats on the weight loss! I can't speak for all women but I'm not bothered by gynecomastia. My mom is an OB/GYN and she has a theory that both men and women have developed bigger breasts since farmers have injected chickens with hormones to make their breasts bigger (to weigh more- more $). So you can try eating organic chicken..and I'm sure the guys can give you exercise tips. But it's really common so don't sweat it and most likely it'll go away by your mid-20s :)

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