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Pulmonary Edema

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Question: What are the clinical findings of a person that has pulmonary edema? I know what it is....PLEASE don't cut and paste long article. Please. just wondering if anyone knows some of the things you would look for. someone could develop pulmonary edema pretty fast, huh? you would hear crackles/rales and hear a lub-dub-dub (3 sounds) heart beat. am i right? what r some of the other things you might find-if they were developing it fast? or if you suspected it? what would make u suspect it?

Answer: Shortness of breath. , Drop in 02 sats. Some patients become disoriented from the lack of oxygen,, combative if you can believe it. Your would hear rales (crackles) in ALL lung fields. A gurgling sound at the back of the throat. Decreased 02 sats. nails beds would take on a blue to purple tint, extremities become mottled. Progresses to pink frothy secretions from the mouth and sometimes the nose. Confirmed on a CXR ( but lets face it any healthcare professional will know without it) Immediate administration of lasix, foley catheter to monitor output. Intubation is seriously considered at this point.

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