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Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

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Question: alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency/emphysema help? Hi, I was diagnosed with this condition when I was a baby, I had mild jaundice and that was quickly relieved. Well that was in 1982 and I'm 27 now and have been doing some research on that condition, the doctor that treated me found I had the phenotype PiZ (which is stated in a referal letter to a liver specialist) which confused me from my studies because what I have only come across is PIZZ, PIZM etc etc. Is my phenotype somehow worse? also I have been smokibng for about 6mths now due to depression and trying to cope and have just quit, I notice from what I have read is that this particular disease is a death sentence from emphysema around mid 30's, as I said I'm 27 and get depressed thinking I'm going to die by the time I'm 40. Is this true of this disease everything I have read seems to point to me developing emphysema around mid 30's. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer: I spent 35 years in hospitals treating respiratory ailments. I came across a handful of alpha 1 deficient pts.They were all in their 60's and were discharged from the hospital and I never saw them again. Have you read up on your condition? What the deficiency means to your alveoli? As the above poster said smoking will speed things up.Then you will have mixed panlobular and centrilobular emphysema and without the enzyme it will develop much more quickly. So all I'm saying is you aren't stamped with an expiration date. Stop thinking about it whatever those articles say. If you read the contraindications of an aspirin you never go near the stuff. So if you're reading medical articles it's contents are meant for medical people because we know how statistics can be twisted to fit the author's point of view. Relax and live your life without fear. Make each day count. You have the power to make every day a good day, don't give that power away to anyone. And don't smoke. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. God bless.

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