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Question: What foods should people with COPD and heart disease avoid completely? Someone in my family has COPD and heart disease, which may include enlarged heart and definetely arrhythmia. I add no salt to food and make sure canned goods, such as sausages are rinsed. This goes for ham and many other salty foods. Still, in last two years when she got very ill_having been diagnosed with COPD and some of the heart problems few years earlier_and having been in and out of hospital in at least five occassions, I still believe a lot of her crisis have to do with whatever additives (including salt) there are in packaged goods. By the way none of the doctors_and there have been plenty of them_have "strongly" cautioned against salt. Until unfortunately she has a crisis, which inludes a sort of inbalance, such as sodium being LOW instead of high, or normal for that matter. The potassium sometimes gets high, towards the end of her stay at hospital. And of course there's the worse part which is the high concentration of carbon dioxide, occurring in patients w/COPD.

Answer: Eat a varied diet. Eat fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereal and grains, and meats. Avoid foods that are difficult to chew. Use less salt. Too much salt can cause you to retain fluids, which may interfere with your breathing. Use herbs or no-salt spices to flavor your foods. Don't add salt to foods while cooking. Buy packaged foods low in salt. Don't waste energy consuming foods with little nutritional value, such as potato chips, candy bars, and soft drinks.