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Question: How is exercise induced asthma different to regular asthma? My asthma only kicks in whenever I begin to run or jog, and it always last for the first 15 minutes making breathing difficult. But I refuse to use an inhaler and I push through and keep running even though the air going in to my lungs is tiny. After a while my chest loosens up and my breathing returns to normal. So how is my asthma different to regular asthma?

Answer: I have exercise induced asthma and at times I can deal with it without my inhaler but I find it's easier just to take the inhaler if it's not cleared out so I can breathe properly, hence a better run. I also have asthma of other triggers (dust, pets etc) They're the same thing, sometimes you can work it thru on your own but I just don't see the point to '*suffer* if I don't have to. I'll do it for a few mins etc but if it's not improving (and sometimes it can) I inhale-I don't care how it looks. It's not fun not being able to breathe!

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