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Question: Can Pleurisy go away by just taking 3 aspirin a day for a couple of days? Im a 20yr old female in wisconsin, usa, i was told this by a nurse not a doctor have i been misinformed? will this really cure the Pleurisy?

Answer: No. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the membrane that covers the lining of the lungs and lines the chest cavity. It reduces friction between the chest cavity and lungs. Inflammation causes breathing to become painful and sometimes difficult. It usually occurs as a result of a respiratory tract infection like pneumonia, viral infections and TB. Some gastrointestional problems can cause pleurisy also. You need antibiotics to clear the infection and anti-inflammatories for inflammation. Pain pills will help the pain. Cortisone drugs are very effective for inflammation and pain. This will not go away with only aspirin you need the other meds I mentioned. You had better go see a Dr. because if you get this infection around the membrane that surrounds your heart (i had it there once) you will have more problems than you bargained for. See a Dr. ASAP.

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