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Drug Eruptions

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Question: I Need further help with a Drug Eruption that cause problems with my penis? Well, after 2 weeks of being in and out of the hospital, being sent home with different pain killers and antibiotics all week, I finally went to a urologist, and he summed up my problem before he even seen my penis, and so far I believe he is right ,especially after seeing photos on the internet. My took Naproxen for a pain i was having in my side, and next thing i know Im itching, and red all over, and it attacked my penis. Over the last 2 weeks, no sleep at all, in pain, and my penis has been losing skin and breaking out, probably because of all the different drugs ive been on. The urologist today told me i am having a drug eruption to the naproxen, and all i can do is wait it out. He told me to soak for a few moments in some soapy water twice a day, and put neosporin on it. Would any of you agree? Just would like one more feedback on this. This is what my penis looks like but much worse, Now, my dermatologist put me on prednisone, and the urologist told me to stay on that, but other than that, does anyone suggest anything else? You just dont know the pain ive been through.

Answer: well sounds like you might be having some sort of allergic reaction. benadryl can be bought over the counter, but it makes you drowsy.. really helps with itching. non drowsy medication includes loratadine (claritin), also able to buy over the counter.

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