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Anorexia Nervosa

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Question: Anorexia Nervosa? I've self-diagnosed myself with Anorexia Nervosa. Why? I skip breakfast and lunch, and then after school I try to prevent myself from getting home as long as I can so I won't be around food within my reach. When I have no choice, I go home and drink a 220 calorie drink that delays hunger for up to four hours. I then stay up in my room and do all that I can do prevent me from leaving to go into the kitchen. I think I'm fat, though I know I can't be with my pant size. (28x30 s don't fit without belts. I'm a guy for the record.) I don't want to start eating again because I feel different this way. I'm trying so desperately to not let my life be controlled by hunger and having the need to eat to go on. I just don't want to eat, but I'll gladly get nutrients somehow else. What can I do? I do at least 40 minutes of cardio EVERY DAY along with weight training every other...

Answer: ok. i used to eat like less that 1200 calories a day 2 years ago. and i felt horrible. then i started eating right cuz i saw a nutritionist. i was sooo malnourished even if i did drink ensure plus. but yea u need to eat. u dont want to die do you? you need to LIVE to EAT not EAT to LIVE.

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