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Question: How does frusemide causes hyperglycemia and hyperuricemia? I'm a medical student studying for exams, feel free to use any technical terms.

Answer: Furesemide, also frusemide can unmask or aggravate the pre-existing diabetes mellitus.The mechanism is unknown, but there's this hypothesis:Catecholamine release, secondary to volume depletion, a direct inhibition of insulin release and hypokalemia are the possible mechanisms.Rarely, the hyperglycemia may be severe enough to lead to hyperglycemic, hyperosmolar, non-ketotic coma in diabetics in older patients.Rise in blood urea has been reported too, this can also unmask latent diabetes mellitus. Retention of uric acid and hyperuricemia is not marked, the reason is just an increase in aldosterone levels, release of lots of chlorine and other salts, which can lead to physiological retention of uric acid. Well, hyperuricemia in short is having secondary etiology, with decreae in the ability of tubules to release it.Decrease in glomerular filtration rate does not hold good for medicines like thiasides and frusemide.

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