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Glomerulonephritis Acute

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Question: Who is at risk for acute glomerulonephritis? I need to find a website who says the type of people that would be considered high risk for acute glomerulonephritis. Please a specific site that lists who is high risk cuz I could find a site that just talks about it all night long.

Answer: A good web site that will give you some good general information with a medical slant is:… This site states that the primary causes are ones which are intrinsic to the kidney, whilst secondary causes are associated with certain infections (bacterial, viral or parasitic pathogens), drugs, systemic disorders (SLE, vasculitis) or cancers. There are several bacteria, viruses, and parasites that do NOT show up on typical lab tests. If you suspect you may have this problem, I would strongly suggest you demand your doctor has a PCR lab test done to look for nanobacteria because the kidney is one of three targets it goes after in the body and can cause this problem. Most doctors rely on typical lab tests and ignore looking deeper into the "root cause" and end up treating the symptoms, not really resolving the issue for the patient. There is NO specific type of person that the nanobacteria will or will not attack. Anyone can get this problem. The nanobacteria gets into the body in cooked foods and especially in people with low stomach acid or are taking antacids that doctors prescribe for acid reflux and acid indigestion, creating a "doctor induced illness" as a result. good luck to you

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