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Lymphoma Non Hodgkin

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Question: How is non Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosed? Where are most of the tumors found? Just wondering. Where is the lymphoma found in most cases. Is it in like random places of the body?

Answer: The only way to diagnose lymphoma is through a biopsy of the enlarged lymph nodes. The lymph nodes can be picked up by a physical examination if they are in the neck or under armpits as they are visible there. Other times they can be picked up in a CT or PET scan. In most cases lymphoma is caught through enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, underarms or groin, as they are visible to the patient and so the patient goes to the doctor to find out what has caused them. This doesn't mean that they cannot effect other parts of the body. We have lymph nodes all over and any one of them could be effected. For myself, it was the lymph nodes in my abdomen that were effected and they were picked up by a CT scan.

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