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Question: Doctors: how would you know if you had Achlorhydria? How would you diagnose it? Are there any underlying causes and is it very serious? Thank you.

Answer: I would diagnose it based on the patients symptoms and test results. Symptoms: Reflux, weight loss, malnutrition, diarrhoea. Tests: Most people affected have antibodies against parietal cells (acid producing cells in the stomach). Diagnosis is confirmed by giving the patient pentagastrin. This usually stimulates acid production making the pH of the stomach lower (more acidic). In patients with achlorydria, their gastric pH does not lower with pentagastrin. This is because their are not parietal cells to produce more acid! Underlying causes: Autoimmunity (antibodies against the cells which produce acid) Severity: unknown. Patients may present with a range of severities. There are indications pointing to a slightly higher risk of stomach cancer.

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