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Hydatid Cysts

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Question: Why is it that when you have a blood test for Hydatid cysts on the liver and the result is positive on 2 occas 2 cysts on liver , possible Hydatid. Blood tests positive, told they can be false positive and to wait 1 year to see if they grow.. I am very worried. I work in a veterinary clinic.

Answer: hi hydatid cyst of d liver is a parasitic infestation.the cyst is a intermediate stage in d life cycle of dog tape worm.....yes u must have got it from one of ur patients. there can be false positives but a scan showing a cyst with casoni's test positive(dat is d test u underwent) is highly suggestive of hydatid cyst.....the treatment is usually surgical removal but it is necessary only if d cyst is causing any problems. As long as d cyst does not give any complications der is no need for any treatment jus visit ur doctor once in a year n get a scan done.there is a good chance dat d cyst might disappear on its dont worry jus wait n watch.

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