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Vascular Lesions

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Question: Doctors/Dermatologists/Nurses: VASCULAR LESIONS? since i was about 2 i have had this vascular lesion (what i thought was a popped blood vessel) on my face. Since then i have been getting these small red dots all over my hands, wrists, arms and still only that one big one on my face. I have also got a sort of 'purplish' big one on my leg. When i rub them, they dissapear but come back after about five seconds. I read on the internet that they should go in your first few years of life, but i am now 14 years old. Are they what i think they are, why haven't they gone away, and how could i get them treated? thankyou

Answer: These appear to be vascular lesions, from your description. There are several disorders in which numerous lesions like yours can develop, but without a picture, it's hard to say exactly which one you have. A few possibilites are: Fabry's disease (angiokeratoma corporis diffusum), blueberry muffin syndrome, hemangiomas, infantile hemangioendotheliomas. Please have your dermatologist look at them, and possibly biopsy one of them. If they are merely skin lesions, and not representattive of lesions elsewhere in the body, they can be treated with the PDL laser.

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