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Frontal Lobe Syndromes

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Question: Is there a cure for frontal lobe syndrome? My sister got knocked down accidentally by my sister's boyfriend when she was really little and had a couple of concussions. She has had a history of fainting , headaches, speech problems and explosive anger at times. She is a teen now and I just found out that her problem probably has been caused by my sister's boyfriend and she still has the problems. We don't want her to go on medication, but we were wondering is there a natural cure for frontal lobe syndrome?

Answer: Cure ? I don't want to promise. Just I hope. But an improvement ,yes. With patience and perseverance. What I'm going to suggest here is from my vast experience. You should to consider the following, but with attention to specific problems and reactions. Immediate reward- for each "good"behavior Music therapy- promote well-being Chiropractic procedure- I saw a case with real improvement when the procedure was truly from professional man. Physical eyes exercises- during 3 months Sustained attention- At least 5-15 minutes, to improve attentional function. Eating patterns- Interfere with normal nutrition papayas,pineapple,watermelon,spinach, broccoli,cabbage,carrots. Psychotherapy Zinc supplement- positive effect in some individuals Omega 3 supplement- for direct implication in brain metabolism I really want to help and I will be happy to hear about your progress.

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