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Minimal Change Disease

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Question: Minimal change disease (kidneys) caused by smoking? I've had minimal change disease for a year and a half. So far medicine doesn't seem to be working very well. I've tried prednisone and prograf. I smoke cigs lightly, one or two a day. Could smoking have an effect my kidney disease or the efficiency of the medicine? And by the way, my blood pressure is completely normal.

Answer: Yes, smoking can affect your kidneys because they filter out all the body takes in, even toxins like cigarettes. Cigarettes do increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure slightly. When your heart rate is increased, this may make you feel better, but actually, over time, it can increase you levels of cortisol. If you are already taking steroids, this would be a lot of unheathly steroids pumping around your system. Please quit smoking. Good luck to you.

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