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Amyloidosis Familial Renal

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Question: shar pei should AKC demands changes in this breed?they have the longest genetic health problems list? it is not fair for the dog that there is a 1 in 5 chance that he will get serious health problems like these: RESPIRATORY stenotic (pinched) nostrils elongated soft palate pneumonia -- primarily in puppies EYES entropion -- rolling in of the eyelids retinal dysplasia glaucoma "cherry eye" -- prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid EARS stenotic (narrow) ear canals bacterial ear infections yeast over growth hyperplastic otitis GASTROINTESTINAL bite problems -- most commonly, an overbite inflammatory bowel disease megaesophagus hiatal hernia intestinal adenocarcinoma SKIN lip fold pyoderma skin fold pyoderma demodectic mange allergic skin disease -- alleric inhalant dermatitis, food allergy, insect allergy, contact allergy, etc. generalized pyoderma cutaneous mucinosis ENDOCRINE hypothyroidism MYSCULOSKELETAL inquinal hernias luxating patellas -- "loose" kneecaps elbow dysplasia hip dysplasia anterior cruciate ligament rupture GENITOURINARY renal amyloidosis immune - mediated kidney disease NEOPLASIA mast cell tumor histiocytoma lymphosarcoma intestinal adenocarcinoma MISCELLANEOUS Familial Shar-Pei Fever (FSF) abscesses -- bite wounds, other IgA deficiency Primary Multiple Immunodeficiency Syndrome of Shar-Pei amyloidosis so should akc make the breed ilegal(and by that i mean not recognised) untill proper changes are made? poor pets and poor owners who pay towsands for a dog who will probably die in 5 year time and will suffer a lot. i love shar pei dogs i think they are great but the breed should be improved i do not mean to offend anyone ,and statistics can be wrong but the 3 shar pei dogs i know all have really bad health problems and they are all under 3 years of ageso it means something....

Answer: What always appears to happen, is when the AKA recognizes a breed, that breed seems to just go to hell, with regard to anything but a breed standard. Breeders to then get dogs closest to the standard, do exactly what horse breeders do... breed sire to daughter. And in dogs, what doesn't meet the standard is sold off as "pet quality" and what doesn't goes into the ring, to compete. It makes no difference who sets the standards, final recognition of the breed is done by the AKA. In breeding like this results in genetic defects.... and breeders might not even tell you that the puppy you are buying was bred the way listed on its papers. Bottom line? Buy a mutt. They are always healthier. And there are wonderful crosses... dobie/ rottie, poodles with lots of others for a non-shed pet.

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