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Plummer Vinson Syndrome

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Question: What are the symptoms of plummer vinson's syndrome? I asked a question about bendy weak fingernails and low iron and someone here diagnosed me with this... oy. So I looked it up in "discover" questions but the other symptoms are all medical terminology I don't understand. Can you do a layman's overview for me?

Answer: Bozz Mozz - I hope the folowing terminology will be helpful to understand symptoms of this disorder (syndrome = combination of findings). The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Plummer-Vinson syndrome includes the 14 symptoms listed below: Throat pain during swallowing Burning sensation during swallowing Sensation of food stuck in larynx Fatigue Pallor Pale inside of mouth Sideropenic (= iron-deficiency) anemia Hypochromic (paleness of red cells) anemia Swallowing difficulty Mucosal webs in esophagus Spoon-shaped fingernails Smooth tongue Red tongue Painful tongue

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