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Celiac Disease

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Question: Whats' the difference between having celiac disease and a gluten sensitivity? If you are allergic to gluten, does that mean you have celiac disease? I'm confused. Thanks.

Answer: Celiacs disease can be diagnosed by a blood test however gluten sensitivity can't be. There is an indicator to see if you have celiacs in your genes, which can suggest you may have a heightened sensitivity to gluten. If you have celiacs and then eat gluten you're actually poisoning your body. However someone with a gluten allergy doesn't actually poison their body, it's just not good for you. Most people with gluten sensitivity don't have allergies similar to those with allergies to nuts for example. Someone with celiacs disease also increases the chances of developing bowel cancer by 3 times (however the chance of developing bowel cancer is only .1% in the normal population). This doesn't happen in people with gluten sensitivity. Basically, they have similar symptoms. I hope this helped. ...

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