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Pulmonic Regurgitation

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Question: What do 'mild mitral regurgitation' and 'trivial pulmonic insufficiency' mean? I had an Echocardiogram done, and apparently I have these two abnormalities. My doctor says I'm fine, so I assume these are not of concern. But what do they mean?

Answer: mild mitral regurgitation is when your mitral valve in your heart does not close all the way and allows blood to back flow in your heart and trivial pulmonic insufficiency is actually something that is present on most people and is similar to mitral regurgitation where the blood moving from you right ventrical to your pulmonary arteries can flow back a little since the valve doesn't shut tightly enough. Blood flows into the right atria to the right ventricle then into the pulmonary arteries where it continues to the lungs to pick up oxygen then goes back to the heart in through the left atria to the left ventricle then our the aorta to carry the oxygen you just picked up to the rest of your body. In your situation the blood isn't flowing as efficiently as it possible could which may leave you feeling a little tired and weak but in general, if its only mild, then its nothing to worry about like you doctor said.

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