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Aortic Dissection

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Question: what are the odds of surviving a aortic dissection? In 2004 my wife was in a car accident and she had to have a aortic dissection done. She survived but I know little about this procedure. What are the odds that people will survive this procedure. Also did she have to have the aortic dissection because of the car wreck or was this just something she was going to have to have done anyways?

Answer: Very few survive an aortic dissection of any kind. If it happened during an accident then she is very lucky to survive... I would thank the Paramedics as well as the Doctors both. Aortic dissections during a car accident are not at all uncommon... at least in major accidents!! Most people bleed out before they get removed from the car or die just about the time they get to the ER. Now that being said you asked, "or was this something she was going to have to have done anyway?" If your referring to a AAA or abdominal aortic aneurysm then I would say the answer is an aortic dissection is different than a AAA. AAA's do involve the aorta, but they are usually caused by other life factors(age, tall / skinny, males) not by accidents. I have seen both being a Paramedic, but I can tell you either one does not have a high survival rate... Thank GOD and everyone who has helped her.

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