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Mitral Valve Prolapse

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Question: Can Mitral Valve Prolapse by aggravated by medication? My doctor suspects that I have mitral valve prolapse, after listening to my heart when I went in for chest pain last week. I've had this happen several times in my life, and it was always triggered by taking a medication. I go in for an ultrasound on my heart next Wednesday. I can't find anywhere that says that MVP is aggravated by medication though. Has anyone else heard of that?

Answer: You'll be happy to know that the vast majority of people who have mitral valve prolapse suffer no symptoms and have no change in their life expectancy or likelihood of developing valvular dysfunction later in life. It is a common physicial finding at 2-5% of the entire population. That said, I can not say I have ever met a person with MVP who is not on the scale of things, an anxious individual. With anxiety comes a host of other issues including heart palpations, chest pain, shortness of breath and other physical manifestations. Unfortunately these people often attribute the other symptoms they have experienced to the MVP...and of course there is a certain logic there. Regardless, MVP remains without symptoms, treatment, complications, or need for antibiotics before dental procedures. Therefore it is an interesting physical finding, like noticing you have blue eyes. As for a medication triggering heart palpations...yes, there are certain medications that can do such things. Usually they are stimulating medications, like cold medications or asthma medications as examples. The heart palpations are harmless, though annoying. If you do not care for the side effects, I would recommend you simply avoid the medications. Good luck. I hope this was helpful.

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