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Psoriasis Pustular

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Question: Can Pustular Psoriasis be stopped from spreading? I have been seeing my primary care doc about a skin irritation for a couple of months and it finally occured to me that a family member has psoriasis. I told the doc and she got me an "emergency" appointment for next week. I have looked at a bunch of pics and if I have Psoriasis, it is definately pustular. Does this mean my hands will be covered? Right now the infected area is about the size of a 50 cent piece on the palm of my hand.

Answer: Suzanne, hello. Psoriasis is treatable and yes, it can be stopped from spreading. The problem is that there is no single remedy that would work for all. I strongly recommend that you Don't use steroidal medications doctors prescribe: side-effects are worse than the psor. itself. Check out (us) or (uk) for information and support (both sites have community forums with great people). What helped me personally was the herbal cream and spray from It cleared my p. in just under 3 weeks and I haven't had a relapse in more than a year. You may want to try it as well. Best, Bernadette

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