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Question: What is the truth about the skin condition argyria? The scare story about turning the skin blue or gray refers to a rare conditon called ARGYRIA. It can't happen with CS made by electrolysis because you just have plain silver atoms, not molecules. There is another type of product called "colloidal silver' that contains silver bound to a protein and is correctly called Colloidal Silver Protein (CSP). THAT type of 'colloidal silver' could 'possibly' produce Argyria, but you would have to take a lot of it for many years and even then, very few people get it anyway. It's really quite rare. There has been a huge PROPAGANDA and DISINFORMATION campaign going on since the mid 1990's -orchestrted by the drug companies and their stooges- to scare people away from using CS by using the exaggerated and misdirected Argyria scare story. There is nothing toxic about CS. A test was conducted some years ago (reported in our book, Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic), in which lab mice were given only plain water to such an extent that they eventually died from excessive water loading. The mice who were given only colloidal silver, lasted an average of 17 days longer when forced fee the same amount of CS. In other words, that test proved that CS is less toxic THAN PLAIN WATER.

Answer: Scare Tactics. If there was any truth, the Media would be all over it

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